Diary #1: Don’t set New Year’s resolutions. London’s sunsets.

My first post in the “Diary” section, and blog in general will be short and rather expressive, than engaging. These are my thoughts with nothing informative or narrative, just thoughts.

Usually, I try to at least set some resolutions in my mind, however this year it’s different.

Maybe because of my age & personal significance of 2016 (I turned 20), or maybe because I was working on the 1st of January 2017, but this year I did not feel any different as the year changed.

I have already switched into a new and more mature decade in life, I have a permanent job, I pay my rent, and it will remain all the same this year, as it was in 2016. I don’t set any resolutions for the year – because it is just a number, and time passes by anyway.

Which is why, I live in the day, in the moment. I don’t set “yearly” resolutions as they sound so far away. But I set goals and tasks for the day, every day. 


I have never seen more beautiful and brighter sunsets in any city, than in London.



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